Yes, I’m also tired of this shit.

A couple of days ago I wrote this. I still harbor some doubts about it, because I was probably pandering and overreacting over a few words I extrapolated out of context. It wasn’t coming out of nowhere, though, but part of my attempt to find a balance against a relentless narrative that is being pushed through every corner, especially on Medium. Sometimes it gets annoying and I can’t really ignore it, so I shared some of my thoughts about it. Honestly, I couldn’t think I would come back a few days later with a similar tirade.

I also hate to…

Words carry a weight

This is the excerpt from a recent article of a prolific and successful author here on Medium. It’s part of a long essay that strongly remarks on the multiple shortcomings of white people against minorities in America. And I mean, I get it. There are reasons for the complaints and demands of justice in face of inequalities.

But amidst a barrage of accusations targeted specifically against white people and their inadequacy, one passage stood out in particular.

“There isn’t a White person on earth absolved from participating in White Supremacy, not even an innocent White newborn baby”.

And here I…

Nothing can save us from the tragic reality

For a long time I wanted to write a piece about my experience of racism in my home country. Why it matters to me and why I’m critical on the way the topic of racism is treated today. But sometimes reality catches you faster and hits you in the stomach like a fucking train.

Seid Visin

It happened today. A break news on our national newspaper.

Seid Visin, promising footballer for A.C. Milan took his life away at only 20 years. He did it because his life had become unbearable for the mounting racism in the country. His country. My country.


Italy between crisis and hope

Source: Palazzo Chigi

Second of June. This day, every year, the President of the Republic and all the highest authorities climb the staircases of Victor Emmanuel II Monument to pay homage to the “unknown soldier”, the symbol of all the people that gave their blood and soul to make this country. A day to remind everyone of the cost of freedom and democracy. In the background, the passage of the Frecce Tricolori through the sky of Rome is more and more spectacular each passing year.

Today Italy celebrates the Republic. Seventy-five years is quite an age already! Despite the active and vigorous…

Etty Fidele & Mubarak Showole — Unsplash / Edit of the author

When everything is racist

If you haven’t lived under a rock in the last few years, you probably haven’t missed one of the most important discussions going around today. Is a heavily charged topic that has been cause of immense misery for humanity in the course of history and still represents a sensitive issue for everyone that feels the long-tail effects on their skin.

For this reason, is an issue that should be handled with extreme care and sensitivity. Is a dialogue that can be sustained only through active listening and humbleness for the heavy impact it exert on all the persons involved. …

It’s the least you can do and it can save lives.

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

Mom was finally smiling again today. Yesterday she was in hell.

She went through a day of fever, sweat, chills and pains everywhere in her muscles. A rollercoaster that took her body on a wild ride for over twentyfour hours, before suddenly fading away like nothing ever happened. It was the aftermath of Vaxzevria, the rebranded name for the Astrazeneca vaccine that she finally took just a day before.

This week, I finally convinced my parents to get vaccinated. After months of waiting, they entered into the age brackets of those eligible to get their shot. …

White People

Source: Boston Public Library

What I love about Medium is that you can learn a lot about everything. You just have to open the homepage and -voilà!- you have access to all the edges of human knowledge dished to you by the sharp Medium algorithm that works incessantly to tickle your curiosity. It’s really a great time to be alive!

For example the other day I just learned about the biggest threat to society today and, possibly, the source of all human suffering: white people.

I mean, seriously: they really are the cause of everything wrong in this world: Donald Trump: check. Racism: check…


Art and writing

James Ssekamatte

I met James on the pages of Medium. I remembered him because we both had something in common: Uganda. James is a Kampala native, born and grown up in the turbulent capital, while I could claim only a brief experience living in the country in the past. A polemical piece on the most recent elections and the what it means to live under the threat of a constant political oppression caught my attention since the beginning. Only later I discovered that James hid, like many writers on Medium, a deeper layer behind the writer’s façade.

The cream of the week

Today I want to officially welcome Akarsh Nalawade, Andrew Kuo, Reagan and You-yeon Lee to the extended family here at UNDERSTATE magazine! Thank you so much guys for contributing with your work! I really loved each one of your precious opinions and art pieces and I hope all of you got a deserved round of applause from our readers, kinda literally speaking!

We’re still a tiny, tiny community but hopefully we can still find space to grow within the platform, as I hope more of intelligent and cultural content will be noticed and promoted. …

Frank the man

Human mess in search of enlightment, living off second-hand advices and refrigerated dreams. Daily average man. Feel free to call me Frank.

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