Weekly playlist #4

Good stuff in my current playlist weekly dished for you

Luedji Luna — Banho de folhas

Is hard not to fall for Luedji Luna’s incredible charm. Her voice and this video are all the summer you’re looking for.

Can’t have enough of her? Me neither. So what about this MINDfreakinBLOWING rework?

And don’t say I don’t care about my lovely followers!

Churupaca — Luna Nueva

One of those videos that makes me reconsider Spanish as a very, very sexy language.

Sons of Kemet — Hustle

Sons of Kemet are a fairly recent discovery of mine, but my life has been much better since then!

Algiers — Dispossession

Another great black musical expression that I can’t never recommend enough. Powerful soul and a strenuous subversive vein make for a truly explosive musical cocktail.

Alfa Mist — Organic Rust

I mean.. I could very well suggest the whole COLORS catalogue, for how amazing any artist is, but this very recent masterpiece from Alfa Mist deserves some special attention.

– — - Happy listening!

Human mess in search of enlightment, living off second-hand advices and refrigerated dreams. Daily average man. Feel free to call me Frank.

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