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I listen to a cargo load of music every day. I like to discover new things and keep my ears and brain excited by new vibration. Here’s a selection of some of the best I’ve recently found :

Sinkane — New Name (Chief Boima rework)

This is already a new favorite. Sinkane is pure vibe & energy and Chief Boima made an amazing work at revaluing the original music adding a layer of electronical sophistication. The video is simple yet is everything.

Bonus: the amazing Roosevelt Remix of Sinkane’s track – Telephone

Leisure — Hot Love

Let’s talk LEISURE, shall we? I don’t know how this amazing New Zealandese (is that people how from NZ are called?) band could fly under all the radars. I swear, from the time I’ve discovered them with their single, MONEY, I haven’t stopped listening to all their albums and all their songs since. Criminally underrated.

Fkj — Vibin’ Out with ((( O )))

((( O ))) (yes, that’s her name) has basically become my new Muse. Real name is June Marieezy and she’s absolutely amazing! The whole musical project, developed together with Fkj, is something remarkable on its own: the music has been produced in a green, low-impact, natural house on the trees in the Philippines, combining soul, exotic sounds with an environmental sensibility.

And also Fkj!! (come on!) Probably one of the best producers at the moment. His feat with Masego (Tadow) is one of the most viewed masterpieces of all times.

Hope Tala — Cherries

Honorable mention for Hope Tala that, together with Aminé, definitely signs a small, perfect soulful gem with delicious Caraibbean hints. I don’t even mention the superbe music video by Anna Fearon that sport one of the slickest photography I’ve seen in a while

Albin Lee Maldeu — I Need Your Love

Albin Lee Maldeu is quite a discovery from Sweden. His deep, raunchy voice sounds so incredibly “black” and definitely elevates a pop song such as “I need your love” to higher levels. Just be careful: is easily addictive. Once it sticks, is hard to stop it from playing in the mind. I still sing it aloud from time to time.

Human mess in search of enlightment, living off second-hand advices and refrigerated dreams. Daily average man. Feel free to call me Frank.

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